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    Smart Charging Program Design

    Enel X is helping utilities leverage the $100B EVSE opportunity by designing smart charging strategies that are a fit for a service territory’s individual needs for both residential and commercial customers. Our energy and client services team of domain experts provides counsel to deploy a seamless end-to-end customer solution that’s right for you.

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    Smart Charging Program Engagement & Insights

    How might we design a smart charging program that’s right for you?

    Working to Serve the Entire EV Value Chain

    As early leaders of smart charging technology and program design, we keep utilities' needs’ at the center of our work. We believe in creating shared value for utilities and your customers alike, so that we can decarbonize transportation and energy systems quickly and efficiently for all. Our scope of work varies based on your program needs. Some of our popular smart charging solutions for commercial customers include:

    • Demos & Pre-sales Support
    • Onboarding
    • Training & Installation Services
    • Customer Support
    • Partner Enablement
    • Utility Program Set-up and Management
    • Data Support for Incentive Programs

    Smart Charging Customer Optimization

    Step A: Data

    Data should inform strategy

    Establish EV charging baseline

    Identify neighborhoods with EV clustering

    Develop a better understanding of grid impacts from EV charging from newer EV models with larger batteries

    Evaluate and determine smart charging strategy

    Step B: Load Management

    Weigh program cost, timing, etc.

    Customer-controlled charging: EV customers receive financial incentives to program their vehicles.

    and / or

    Utility-controlled charging: EV customers receive financial incentives to allow their utility to control their charging.

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    Why Enel X?

    Enel X is a division of Enel, a global electric utility and one of the leading producers of renewable energy. We help businesses, cities, energy providers, and automakers deploy smart EV charging solutions and reach their sustainability goals.

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