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    The convenience of home charging for one low monthly fee.

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    Starting every day with a fully charged EV has never been simpler. Sign up for JuicePlan to get your smart home charger installed and ready to go. JuicePlan delivers the convenience of home charging for one low monthly fee, eliminating all upfront costs and providing instant access to professional installation services. Hassle-free home charging is only a few clicks away.

    Zero down

    JuicePlan brings best-in-class smart charging to your home without any upfront investment or high installation costs. Just sign up and start charging from the comfort of your home!

    One low monthly fee

    No up-front hardware or installation payments needed. With JuicePlan, you pay a low monthly subscription fee. We get your JuiceBox 40 installed by a certified electrician, you relax and enjoy your fully charged EV, every morning.

    Quick installation by a certified pro

    We’ve partnered with certified electricians in your area to take the guesswork out of the installation process. You get access to lower-cost professional installation services without spending hours trying to locate available and affordable installers.

    The convenience of smart home charging

    Control and monitor charging remotely with the JuiceNet app and the JuiceNet online dashboard. Use Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control to start or stop charging without going outside. Get JuiceNet app updates free and automatically for the entire term of your subscription.

    What’s included with JuicePlan

    JuiceBox 40

    The smartest, fastest way to charge your EV at home

    JuiceNet App

    Monitor and control your charging by WiFi

    JuiceNet Dashboard

    Advanced charging reports and functionality

    Professional Installation

    Get your EV charging going without hassle

    The JuicePlan advantage


    Cash Purchase

    Up-front costs $0 $1,200 - $3,500 for JuiceBox smart charger and installation by a certified electrician
    Monthly fee As low as $19/month with our introductory pricing.*
    No monthly fee
    Installation schedule Installation by a pro in 1-3 weeks after you subscribe. Highly variable. Depends on your region and on the number of quotes you request.

    *Available while supplies last. Monthly subscription depends on your home's installation needs.

    *Available while supplies last. Monthly subscription depends on your home's installation needs.

    Signing up for JuicePlan is easy!

    1. Answer a few simple questions about your home electrical system. Get an instant quote for JuicePlan.
    2. Sign up for JuicePlan online.
    3. Take the EV readiness survey. One of our installation partners schedules and completes your installation.
    4. You’re ready to charge at home. The first payment of your subscription will be made 30 days after your initial order.
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