• JuicePumpTM

    Attract new customers with DC fast charging

    With the rapid growth of electric vehicles, offering fast and convenient EV charging stations is one of the best ways to put your business on the map and attract new customers. JuicePump, our DC fast charging (DCFC) station, lets EV drivers charge up while they visit your business. JuicePump features two fast charging ports to offer versatile compatibility with all electric vehicles, including Tesla models.

    Attract new customers or tenants by offering high-speed EV battery fast charging

    Leverage incentives to install fast EV charging at low or zero cost, and reduce operating costs with our smart charging platform

    Save on delivery and installation costs with compact and lightweight design

    Generate charging revenue with credit card or mobile app payments

    Invest in a DC fast charger that lasts with durable UV-resistant exterior and 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

    Make EV fast charging your competitive advantage with JuicePump.

    Smart EV fast charging with JuicePump makes good business sense

    Faster charging

    Drivers can charge vehicles up to 80% in 30 minutes while they visit your business locations

    Eligible for incentives

    JuicePump is approved for utility and state-sponsored incentive programs including CALeVIP

    Intuitive driver app

    Drivers can access charging stations and manage charging sessions with our mobile app

    Universal compatibility

    SAE Combo and CHAdeMO compliance ensures compatibility with all electric vehicles, including Teslas via a Tesla-provided adapter

    Take advantage of incentive programs to bring JuicePump to your property today.

    Easy Installation
    Save on upfront costs and locate your DC fast chargers in optimal service locations thanks to JuicePump’s small footprint and lightweight design
    Smart Charging Software
    Control access to charging stations and limit operating expenses with our JuiceNet smart charging platform
    Convenient Payment Options
    Monetize EV charging sessions with a convenient payment terminal and flexible in-app payment options
    Durable and Reliable
    Operate your charging stations over a wide range of environmental conditions
    Patented Liquid Cooling System
    Minimize maintenance costs and keep your stations operating smoothly with a state-of-the-art liquid-cooling system

    Why Enel X?

    Enel X is a division of Enel, a global electric utility and one of the leading producers of renewable energy. We help businesses, cities, energy providers, and automakers deploy smart EV charging solutions and reach their sustainability goals.

    Enel X

    The Enel Group



    $84 billion


    Charging stations sold
    Business customers at more than 10,000 sites
    Annual revenue

    Contact the Enel X e-Mobility commercial sales team today to learn more.